A. Paramount Remodeling is proud of our careful attention to cleaning up after ourselves and making sure we leave your home and property cleaner than when we arrived! If we are working on a project inside your home, all Paramount installers wear booties to keep your floors clean. For both interior and exterior jobs, our crews will perform a thorough clean up each day.

A. For roofing jobs, we suggest covering items, especially items of value, with sheets in case debris enters when we are replacing the roof.

A. We are careful to prepare your house at the beginning of all projects to prevent anything from being damaged. Prior to beginning a roofing job, we will cover the entire house with heavy-duty tarps in order to protect your siding and windows and move anything away from the area where we will be working. For interior jobs we move away all items that are close to the project area, lay tarps down, and all members of the Paramount crew wear booties to keep your floors clean.

A. Paramount Remodeling performs a full magnetic sweep of your property including the driveway and street to ensure we remove most nails. We cannot guarantee that every single nail will be removed, but the majority will be.

A. Prior to your project when we place tarps over the house, these tarps will cover most of your shrubs and plants. If you have individual flower pots, we will move those out of the way prior to the project as well. If debris does manage to get into your plants or shrubs, Paramount Remodeling crews will be careful to make sure it is removed immediately so that it does not harm or damage plants or shrubs.

A. Paramount Remodeling is careful to work around any wires and leave them untouched, but occasionally wiring may be moved or damaged during a roofing job. Paramount is not responsible for any damage to wires, but we make every effort to not create any damage.

A. During a siding project, we remove your light fixtures and then put them back when the job is complete. If you have purchased new light fixtures to complement your new siding, we can install your new fixtures as well.

A. Flashing installation is specific to each job and will be discussed with you prior to the job. If you do have flashing installed it will be specified in your contract. Paramount’s standard flashing installation includes chimney reflashing, skylight reflash, reflash of additional roof penetrations, and replacement of pipe vent boots. During the installation, if we see improper flashing on your chimney, we will install the appropriate flashing to ensure your roof is leak free.

A. If you have a satellite dish or solar panels we ask that you have them removed and reinstalled by the company that originally installed them. Paramount can try to work around antennas and satellite dishes, but we are not responsible for removing, reinstalling, or any damage and operation of them. We advise that if you have a satellite dish that is reinstalled you should make sure the installer seals the bolts on the new roof with silicone to prevent leaks. We are not responsible for any leaks cause by anything that was installed on the roof after our roof installation such as a satellite dish that was improperly sealed.

A. If we are replacing your siding, we recommend removing items off of walls so that they do not fall when we are working and hammering. For roofing projects, it is not typically necessary, but still advisable to remove any valuable items and pictures.